MarkLogic AWS Consulting Services

MarkLogic AWS Consulting Services are designed to provide direct consulting support to new or current MarkLogic customers or partners, focused on integrating of MarkLogic with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Such support includes sizing, installing, and optimizing the performance of MarkLogic on AWS as well as ensuring security and high availability.


Service Overview

Simply put, the MarkLogic AWS Consulting Services program is designed to provide pre-packaged, direct expert consulting support for making the most of using MarkLogic on AWS. From knowledge transfer to direct coding support, requirements and sizing exercises to simple Q&A, MarkLogic’s AWS Consulting Services provide as-needed support on an on-demand basis.

The MarkLogic AWS Consulting Services program gives you:

  • AWS Support – as-needed support for working with MarkLogic upon AWS. This includes performing sizing exercises to accurately estimate the needs and cost of using MarkLogic upon AWS infrastructure; installing, configuring and optimizing MarkLogic upon AWS including migrating MarkLogic from another hosting solution; ensuring strong security and high availability on AWS; and integrating AWS services within a MarkLogic application.
  • Ad Hoc Q&A – an on-demand ability to discuss in detail any challenges you are encountering with your technology environment. Each Q&A session is specifically focused on a particular set of problems or questions, and dramatically decreases the time required for researching.
  • Direct Coding Support – short-term, direct support for extending or updating existing MarkLogic applications including integration of MarkLogic applications on AWS.
  • Performance Tuning Support – focused performance analysis and recommendations for specific performance related issues. This will assist you with optimizing MarkLogic to reduce your AWS demands.
  • Requirements Analysis and Project Planning – detailed examination of potential use cases for additional functionality in an existing MarkLogic application or project planning for developing a new MarkLogic application. This includes performing sizing exercises of the integration of MarkLogic with AWS.

Service Details

The MarkLogic AWS Consulting Services program is designed to accelerate resolution of any potential issues that may arise in a MarkLogic solution deployment on AWS. Having an expert consultant available to provide training, answer questions as they arise, and quickly respond to customer needs dramatically improves customer success with both new and existing implementations as well as decreases time to market for new applications.


Allow our highly skilled MarkLogic consultants and instructors to support your project with product training and expert technical guidance. MarkLogic’s AWS Consulting Services includes MarkLogic product knowledge transfer and mentoring, as well as on-site implementation geared specifically towards working with AWS. Continue your MarkLogic partnership with support from the experts!


To get started with MarkLogic Consulting Services or to get more information, you can contact your account representative, give us a call at 1-877-992-8885, or email us at